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    Fluency Book 5. Helps children to develop natural intonation when speaking English. View PDF Contains practice exercises for the Language Book activities. Worksheets and teacher's notes for Units of Level 5. Worksheets. Level 5, Unit 1 Worksheet. Downloadable student worksheet. View PDF. Download. For information about Macmillan Language Learning products 5. For teachers. Macmillan English Campus provides a wide variety of .. Student Book 5.

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    Macmillan English Language Book 5 Pdf

    Macmillan English Teachers Guide Level 5 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File Practice Book Prepare children by checking they understand the tasks. Download the Ready for First Workbook - Macmillan English illan Education English Language Teaching Catalogue ADVANCED Even my mum's. This page has been downloaded from younglearners 1 Read Language Book 4, pages 8–9 again. 3 Write five proper nouns.

    She specialises in producing coursebook and audio materials for younger learners. Louis Fidge is passionate about the importance of quality primary education, and literacy in particular. He has over forty years' experience in primary education, including as a principal of a primary school in the Middle East. Louis is a widely published author of children's text books in the UK and is involved in curriculum development and teacher training internationally. He is co-author of the groundbreaking primary coursebook, Macmillan English. Liz Hocking taught English at secondary level in the UK and has many years' experience as an editor of ELT course books and other teaching materials for primary and secondary school students. She has written material for the best-selling Macmillan primary course, Way Ahead. She was one of the authors of the ground-breaking primary course, Macmillan English, and is one of the author team of the level course, English World. She has taught in both primary and secondary schools in the UK and primary schools in Zimbabwe, as well as a college of higher education.

    Lesson targets Children: Use these sentences or any of your own: The beauty of the butterfly surprised him. I feel sadness. For Exercise 3. Ask who Daeng and Lek were. Do the same with Lek and Daeng — mend the nets? Daeng — go fishing — every he does. Activity 2 1 Ask a child to read out the prompt words: Say Listen to the sounds inside and outside.

    Ask What does the first paragraph tell you? It tells us what is happening now. What is happening? When they hear a sound they keep their eyes shut and raise their hand. Write happening now under paragraph 1. Children write answers in their copy books. Elicit answers. A car is driving along the road. Someone is walking. Do the same with birds — sing. Check with the class. Activity 1 Ask different children to read out the questions.

    What tense is used in the second paragraph? Ask different children Name of child what is happening? Children say. Lesson Lesson 4: She is wearing her uniform. Toby is a chef and he works in a hotel from Monday to Saturday. He wears a white uniform and a white hat.

    Extension Ask different children around the class: What do you do every day after school? What do you do every weekend? Today is Sunday and Toby is not working. Children may express the same information differently.

    The example answer is a guide. He is driving a fast car and he looks happy. Lesson aim Grammar: He goes fishing every day. Example answer: Today is Wednesday and Jenny is working. Materials LB page He is not wearing his uniform. For Exercise 4. She is looking after a little boy. She wears a white uniform and a white cap.

    Lucy recognise Who are they staying with? Tell 4 The competition may be set for homework. It could be taken both pages.

    They may also find. Explain this is a 6 Continue the track. If any children do Ask What is the not have photos. After listening -up listening questions 24 This page has been downloaded from www. Children listen. Operation Butterfly holidays and describe it. FC Programme 1 Lesson targets Children: Ask Who is going to present the new series with Benni? Elicit 7 Play the rest of the track without stopping. Lesson Lesson 5: Children find a children to look photo at home and describe the scene.

    Which place looks most fun? Tell children to look at page 4. Go around listening while they speak. Ask if they What are the names of the children? Ask What do you think the programme is about this week? Lesson aim Fluency Materials FB pages 2—5. I took lots of pictures of dancers. What did you do. Here it comes. I flew all the way to the picture? What about all those insects and spiders and Bangkok in Thailand this summer. Where did I stay in Portugal?

    Uncle Theo: Welcome back. Send in your photos and your writing. I want to go back. Where was the man playing the bagpipes?

    Aunt Jemima: Did you go inside it? How many words can you make from Tom: It was really Tom: I can see the forest. You hear lots of music all the time. People love Lucy: What are these animals in the rainforest and he is especially Benni: It looks gorgeous. Zak and Jodi. I wonder what it is like to live on a boat all the Voice: A small plane is flying over the rainforest. I must go Scottish music inside the castle and I recorded this.

    Of course not. Very important indeed. No cars and lorries!

    Macmillan English

    And Jodi. My sister is ill. I love your house. They arrive at the little airport and there are show us. I want you to be Benni: Here are Kim. Do you to tell you about their holidays. Squirty person: They are driving to is my favourite photo. Uncle Theo is a scientist. Well now. Aunt Jemima? Have you got any pictures? And some people live on their story.

    So Aunt Jemima is flying off to the city. I took a photo of a man playing holiday. Is flamenco music fast or slow? More about that later on. I have to go to the city. We saw lots of castles.

    Macmillan English 3 Language Book : Louis Fidge :

    This Parrot 2: Did you get those words? Clever you! Now try this Lucy: But what about us? Two Benni: It shows a boat on Benni: In this Tom: Who or what is in Tom: Can you remember? Lucy Blake and her brother.

    Every year Tom and Mel: He studies the Squirty person: What pretty boats! What did you do, Kim? Zak: How did I go to Bangkok? Kim: I went to Portugal. We stayed in a little fishing Benni: Did you get all those? I hope so. Ive got a photo here of the boats in the Over to you! Voice: So Aunt Jemima is flying off to the city. Lucy and Teachers Guide samples harbour.

    The fishermen go out in them every day. This Parrot 2: Its good to squawk! Tom are in Uncle Theos old 4 x 4.

    They are driving to is my favourite photo. The suns shining and the Mel: Where did you go for your holiday? What did you his house on the edge of the rainforest. Talk to your friends. It looks gorgeous.

    Parrot 2: Squawk! Uncle Theo is a scientist. He studies the Squirty person: What pretty boats! Benni: Now its time for a puzzle. What are these animals in the rainforest and he is especially Benni: Thanks, Kim. What about you, Ollie? Ollie: I went to Scotland.

    The sun doesnt shine so Mel: 1 You take photos with this. Uncle Theo: Welcome back, children! Lucy: I love your house, Uncle Theo! We saw lots of castles. Ive got a picture of one Mel: 3 You can travel a long way quickly in this.

    Tom: Why are all these things in the hall, Uncle Theo?

    Benni: 4 A sandy place to sit by the sea. Lucy: Are you planning one of your trips? Benni: Look at that! Its huge. Did you go inside it? Mel: 5 You put your clothes in this when you go on Uncle Theo: Yes. Im going into the rainforest tomorrow.

    Ollie: Yes, we did. I took a photo of a man playing holiday. Its very important. Very important indeed.

    Macmillan English 3 Language Book

    I must go Scottish music inside the castle and I recorded this, Benni: 6 When the sun is very bright you wear these. The Umbrella - Test Answer Key. The Umbrella - Worksheet Answer Key. The Well - Test Sheet. The Well - Test Answer Key. The Well - Worksheet Answer Key. Alissa - Test Sheet. Alissa - Test Answer Key. Alissa - Worksheet Answer Key. Blue Fins - Test Sheet. Blue Fins - Test Answer Key. Blue Fins - Worksheet Answer Key. Gulliver's Travels in Lilliput - Test Sheet.

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