In the book ThetaHealing, I explain the step by step processes of the Reading, the Healing, the Belief Work, Feeling Work, Digging, Gene Work, an introduction . Vianna Stibal - Theta - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Look inside this book. Theta Healing: Introducing an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality by [Stibal, Vianna]. Vianna Stibal. Theta Healing: Introducing an .

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    Theta Healing Book Pdf

    including her own healing from cancer, which she details in her first books. Since then, Thetahealing, the spiritual modality Vianna founded and continues to. Read Download ThetaHealing |PDF books PDF Free Download Here: http:// The trademarks ThetaHealing® and Orian TechniqueTM are owned by Vianna Advanced ThetaHealing is the companion to the books ThetaHealing and.

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be stored transiently or permanently on any medium. It is prohibited to transfer, transmit, reproduce, photocopy, publish or otherwise exploit, modifY, create derivative works from, or combine with other material, the contents of this book without the expressed permission of the copyright holders and the publisher. All techniques and processes trademarked and copyrighted. It was under Divine Direction that the information contained in this book was received. To my mother, who taught me to pray and to believe that God always hears and answers our prayers. To my husband, who compiled the writing for this book, and who assisted me during my travels as I taught these techniques to the world. He is appreciated so much more than I could ever express. To my children, who inspire me, who are my friends and who are all gifted and talented intuitives. To my precious grandchildren, who have brought blessings and joy into my life. To all the ThetaHealing Instructors, Practitioners, and the magnificent people throughout the world that have brought it to life. It is these wonderful people that have been a source of joy for me.

    Much to my dismay, he had changed the material so much, and added so much filler that it had little to do with the original knowledge that I had given him. This book came out in This was a great disappointment to me and a betrayal of my trust; however, it encouraged me to re-write the book and publish it myself.

    By this time I felt that I could not trust anyone to compile the books, even my close friends. I decided to write the information in the true form that it came to me from Creator so that the dictates were not lost. God had once again worked in a strange way, and I was guided by a Divine plan. This course has come a long way since that time. It is now taught several times a year and I have been certifying teachers ever since. The Creator was right; I would take the technique to the world.

    I continued to see clients, and by the end of I had done over 20, readings and healings. As time went on I received more information and transcribed the book "Go Up and Work with God" in the year About this time, the DNA 1 Class in what was then a two day class had grown into what became known as DNA 2, into a three day class in order to encompass the Belief Work.

    By the year I began teaching internationally. This information allows you to change your Beliefs, and the systems that guide your decisions all in an instant. These are the Beliefs and Programs you have learned from childhood and from other aspects of your being, of all that you are.

    Some of these Beliefs and Programs have been passed on from generation to generation. It is through the removal and replacement of Programs from these four Levels that enables the body to conquer physical illness and remove emotional blockage. The Belief Work will enable you to create the life that you want for yourself, for it is a truth that we create our own reality and that we are all connected to God. I am going to share with you the tools to change what you formerly believed, and the negative effect these beliefs have had on you, and allow you to create the life you desire.

    In the year , a new class was shown to me called "Psychic Anatomy. This class was designed to assist people in their abilities to "see" the inside of the body for healing as an aid to the ThetaTechnique. The body of knowledge of this class is held in the Intuitive Anatomy Manual, published in and I now certify teachers for this class as well. By the end of , I had given almost 35, readings.

    The techniques that I learned in these sessions and classes are the beginning foundations for this book. In , the Feeling Work was added to the Belief Work.

    I was told that certain people had never experienced particular feelings their whole lives, nor do they understand how to create them. I was told that these "Feelings" could be "Downloaded" into them from the Creator with their permission.

    This class was designed to get people ready for DNA 3 and to clarify the Planes of Existence, as will be explained further in this book. We will all be closer to DNA 3 when we have removed enough Programs and downloaded enough Feelings to bring us to enlightenment. The Thetahealing "tree" continues to grow as new information brings it into bloom. Inside this book is the new information compiled from all the readings, healings and classes of ThetaHealing to date, from the first instantaneous healing of my leg until the present day.

    Over eons many gifts where lost. What we know as ThetaHealing today began thousands of years ago.

    I believe that these techniques are as old as time itself. They have been used for millennia, awakening from time to time, only to fall asleep once more. Now the long sleep is over and we are awake once again. I also believe that there is an inborn awareness in the human soul that will help us link this technique to ancient and future knowledge.

    In the past, genetics, energetic influences, and collective consciousness issues kept us from developing to our full potential as Co-Creators with All That Is. We are now evolving into a new transition of development. Throughout the text you will see the symbol for Theta notation.

    Each facet works with all the others to create the desired effect that make the jewel sparkle. Each person is like a jewel. Some are like a diamonds in the rough that need to be polished. Others glitter even in the darkness. In this chapter we will discuss these aspects and how to harness them. The procedures for the basic healing and reading techniques are really quite easy to follow and understand.

    However, for the person that has not opened themselves to their true intuitive potential, the modus-operandi of these techniques is something that may not come naturally. Some people must practice this technique before they can visualize. What we have found is that everyone can learn it. If you follow the instructions you will become skiIled at your own pace. Healings and Readings are based upon the power of controlled and focused thought.

    In order to control and focus thought we must learn all that we can of our inherent potentials. In order to understand the process, you must first recognize your own intuitive abilities.

    Perhaps some of you will have heard of these terms, but others will have not. These are the beginning "branches" of the ThetaHealing tree we use to "Go up and seek God:" 1. The power of words and thought.

    The brain waves. The psychic senses and chakras. Free agency; Co-Creation. The Command. The power of observation and being the witness.

    The Creator of All That Is. Once you understand these topics you will be guided through the first technique. We explore the subconscious and the conscious mind. These elements of our mind are incredibly powerful in their own way.

    One of the things that you must remember when you are working with the subconscious is that you have to use words the subconscious understands. One of the concepts that the subconscious mind does not understand is the word "try.

    You cannot try to pick up a pencil; it just can't be done. You either do it or you don't do it. In fact, if you say to your friend, "I'll try to be there," you might as well say that you are not going to be there. I could tell my children; "Pick up your room. Since the subconscious does not understand the word try, it just assumes it doesn't have to be done.

    So, you are not going to "try" these techniques; you are going to experience them. Absolutely eliminate the word "try". Instead you need to say, "I'm going to do this technique. As a ThetaHealing practitioner, you will develop the ability to create manifestations with the power of the spoken word and the formed thought. The belief that the spoken utterance and thought forms have power to create physical changes is as old as the sentience of humans. The things that we say and especially thought-forms are magnified by the use of ThetaHealing.

    This is because when we are in theta, we connect not only to our own divinity, but also directly to the Divine, the Creator of All That Is. It is therefore important for you to be constantly aware of any random thoughts or utterances. If you lose it you will always be looking for it. You will never afford anything, or have abundance, since you can't afford it.

    If money is evil, then you will always shun money and opportunities for money. Words, either spoken out loud or voiced in thought form, have an incredible effect upon our daily lives. If a statement is voiced enough times, the statement becomes a "reality. This is especially true if one is in the pure and meditative Theta-State of mind that connects us to the Creator of All That Is.

    Interestingly, modem science is coming out of the imperialism of its own dark ages and is now exploring the possibilities of the power of Thought. Think about all thought-forms and words that are in your paradigm. What do they mean to you on all levels of your being? Perhaps they are blocking you from progressing without your knowing it. As you develop your intuitive abilities with ThetaHealing, words, thought forms and Belief Systems will all have the power to create changes in your daily life for good or ill.

    Some time ago a brilliant researcher named Cleve Backster decided to test the response capability of a dracaena plant by hooking it up to the galvanic skin response section of a polygraph. Backster was amazed when he got a human-like reading from the plant that showed on the chart. Later in the observation period he found that reading on the chart showed that the dracaena reacted wildly to his intention to threaten its well-being by burning it, at the moment the thought occurred to him.

    After discovering response capability in yogurt bacteria, algae, yeast, and foods, Mr. Backster learned to separate human white cells leukocytes from human saliva and placed wire electrodes in a test tube holding miIlions of them, wired to an EEG. The donor was at a distance of 20 or more miles away.

    The cells reacted to the donor's stress or arousal at exactly the same time, showing on the chart. If we can send a microwave through the air that permits us to communicate with cell phones, it stands to reason that our brain can act in a similar way. This is why we must be careful of all thought forms in the mind. Our experience is as positive or negative as our thoughts because thoughts have real substance.

    When we are in a deep Theta-State, our thoughts and words become much more powerful. When you speak directly toward someone, something such as, "Are you feeling okay? You look sick! If you accept what a person has said to you, you could become sick, tired, sad, happy, full of energy, etc.

    As with the spoken word, be very careful of thought forms that are directed toward you and your acceptance of them. Words and thought forms become magnified when in Theta-State. To understand the Theta State, you must first understand all the brain waves. These brain waves are constantly in motion since the brain is consistently producing waves in all frequencies. Everything that you do and say is regulated by the frequency of the brain waves.

    One frequency dominates in any given situation. Beta At this moment, when you are thinking, talking and communicating, your mind is in Beta. Beta waves have a frequency of cycles per second. Beta is the state in which you are active and alert. Alpha Alpha is the bridge between Beta and Theta. In an Alpha state, your brain waves are moving at a frequency between cycles per second.

    The Alpha frequency is likened to a very relaxed, meditative state of mind. The Alpha waves govern daydreaming, fantasizing, and denote relaxed, detached awareness. People who don't function well at this frequency will experience memory difficulties.

    You didn't have the bridge between the subconscious and the conscious mind. To more fully understand an Alpha state, close your eyes and imagine a sunset.

    See in your mind's eye the sun setting against the ocean and sea gulls flying low near the shore. This is the beginning of inducing an Alpha state. When we tested people that used Reiki energy healing on an electroencephalograph, we found that they that they were using the Alpha brain wave. In Reiki, the practitioner brings the "Source" into their body.

    The energy is then manipulated through the hands to heal a person. The electroencephalograph showed that when Source-energy came into the healer's body and into the hands to heal, the brain of the healer is in an Alpha State.

    Alpha has been known to take away pain and is useful in healing. Theta A Theta State is a very deep state of relaxation. This is the state used in hypnosis and the dream state.

    In fact, Sages meditate for hours and hours to reach this state in which they are able to access absolute, perfect calmness. It is believed this state allows you to act below the level of the conscious mind.

    Theta is the first stage of the Dream State. To understand this frequency more completely, this is the state you achieve when you stand on the top of a mountain completely absorbed in your surroundings. At that moment of realization you experience the absolute "knowing" that God is real; you just know that God "Is. When you access a Theta State and call upon the Creator, you connect to the Creator ofAll that Is to heal a person instantly.

    When you imagine yourself going up above your head through your crown chakra, the brain will still be in an Alpha state on the electroencephalograph. But when the consciousness was sent through the crown with the focused thought that it will Go Up and Seek God, the brain automatically shifted to a pure Theta State on the electroencephalograph.

    What did the ancients mean when they said, "Go up and ask of God? I was sitting across from the person, holding their hands and imagining myself going above my space, praying that God would grant me the reading that this person needed, and it was given to me. I was holding a Theta State. Delta A Delta state of mind happens when you are in a deep sleep. In a Delta state, the brain waves are slowed to a frequency of cycles per second. It is also this brain wave that is utilized when the phone rings and you intuitively "know" who is calling.

    Gamma waves stimulate the release of Beta endorphins. Gamma waves appear to be involved in higher mental activity including perception and consciousness. Your brain waves cycle between 40 to cycles a second while in this state. I believe that when you are in a Theta-Gamma State, you are in a condition most conducive to instant healings.

    In the miracle of an instant healing the brain can go from 4 cycles a second to cycles a second.

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    In times of an emergency, the brain has been observed to switch back and forth between Gamma and Theta with no other wave present. This seems to be a natural response. Gamma waves disappear when a person is under anesthesia. They may also be involved in binding sensory inputs into the single unitary object we perceive.

    This process is so efficient that we are hardly aware that it goes on at all. Recordings of neurons in the visual cortex show that synchronization in the gamma band links parts of the cortex excited by the same object, and not those excited by different objects, implicating gamma rhythms in binding. For instance, the color, shape, movement, and location of an object are processed in different ways in the visual cortex, and these features of an object need to be reunited into a single entity.

    This is known as the binding problem which may be the reason that people accumulate free-floating memories in an unconscious state , and gamma rhythms are thought to provide a solution. Facilitate deep physical relaxation and mental clarity. Increase verbal ability and verbal performance IQ. Synchronize both hemispheres of the brain.

    Invoke vivid spontaneous mental imagery, imaginative creative thinking, reduce pain, promote euphoria, and stimulate endorphin release. Findings from a recent study reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry suggest that increased theta wave activity in prefrontal brain regions is related to medication free recovery from symptoms of major depression.

    Leuchter and Colleagues found that increases in quantitative electroencephalography QEEG cordance measures of theta wave activity Hz were positively associated with clinical response to a "sugar pill. However those patients who responded to medication verses placebo did exhibit distinctly different changes in prefrontal theta cordance PTC : medication responders showed decreased PTC, whereas placebo responders showed increased PTC.

    Patients who did not respond to either treatment did not show any significant changes in PTC. Thus, increases in PTC appear to be uniquely 15 associated with symptom improvement in patients receiving placebo a "no drug" condition. The effectiveness of placebo treatment is thought to depend, in part, on the patient's expectation that they will get better. In double-blind clinical trials, such as this one, neither patients, nor their doctors, know who is receiving medication or placebo until the end of the study.

    Patient's taking placebos often believe that they are taking active medication and often believe that the treatment will work. Increase in frontal lobe theta activity, seen in the placebo response, may reflect a physiological mechanism related to natural medication free healing from depression. Reference: Leuchter, A. A"Witt, E. Changes in brain function of depressed subjects during treatment with placebo.

    American Journal o. Submitted by Aimee M. There are different intuitive senses that are inherently active in many people and yet in others are asleep, waiting to awaken. Many people have these intuitive senses buried under layers of Belief Systems. In the Theta-State these psychic senses are awakened and brought together to coalesce in one consciousness that is sent to seek God.

    Empathy or Empathic Sense The empathic sense is located in your solar plexus, roughly between the ribs and the stomach. This is the quality of experiencing another person's feelings by projecting our electromagnetic field on an instinctual level or to connect with the "feeling" of what the person experiences. We understand this to mean that we each have our own sense of "feeling" of how another person experiences emotional thought forms on a spiritual, mental, physical, or metaphysical level.

    An example of the empathic ability would be when someone has a stomach ache and you feel the same pain, to a lesser extent, in your own stomach. You simply "know" that the person has difficulties there.

    The empathic sense also enables you to instantly know how others feel about you when you enter a room, whether you are liked or disliked. Clairvoyance is the ability to see objects or events that are not perceived by the everyday senses. It is the ability of "second sight" using the visualization of the mind's eye to see aura energy and visions of events or happenings.

    Some clairvoyants have the ability to read the thoughts of another person using telepathy. Being clairvoyant enables you to see into the body. You will get very accurate body-readings when you become clairvoyantly developed. The third eye is accurate when you are reading a person's body because it deals with the here and now, but it is not as accurate for predicting the future because you invariably tell a person what they want to hear versus what they should hear.

    With this ability, we see the future through the person's greatest fears and desires. This may not necessarily be the greatest truth for that person. For example, someone may be afraid that they have cancer everywhere in their body. When the intuitive uses only the third eye they may "read" that fear, instead of the truth.

    For the greatest truth, you must first connect with the Creator of All That Is. Clairaudience or Clairaudient Sense This is the ability to hear sounds or speech not perceived by the everyday sense of hearing. The clairaudient sense is your auditory system. It is located above your ears and is the last of your psychic senses to develop.

    This is the one that enables you to hear your guardian angels as well as other auditory messages. An example of this would be to hear your guardian angels speak to you in a voice of warning, saying," STOP! Don't cross the street! Prophecy or Prophetic Sense This is the ability to reveal or predict with certainty using Divine inspiration.

    By creating a connection with the Divine, we then become prophetic. In the power of the prophetic, we learn to combine all the psychic senses to access pure theta brain waves. To engage our prophetic senses, we send our consciousness to our crown chakra and go up through all the Planes to connect to the Creator of All that Is and make the command.

    We are then able to become all that we can be as an intuitive person. The psychic senses relate directly to the timeless concept of the chakras, the energy potentials wherein the psychic senses reside.

    The Chakras The Chakras are energy centers that lie along the axis of the spine as consciousness potentials. Interestingly, each of these centers correlates to major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column. The psychic senses reside within these whirling vortexes of energy. The aspect of the Chakras or "energy centers" in the body pervades in some form in many cultures around the world.

    However, no other culture developed the chakras more than the Indians Hindus from Tantric phi losophy and Yoga. The Chakras are repositories of intuitive energies. In the Hindu religion they are usually represented as blossoming lotuses. Kundalini The spiritual person is on a quest for Kundalini.

    When Kundalini comes to pass, the intuitive is awakened with a new enlightenment. The "Shakti", or female energy, resides at the base of the spine that is inside a person. The Shakti begins to flow up through the body, opening each chakra as she ascends, until the Shakti merges with Shiva, or male essence, in the sahasrara chakra. The Shiva and the Shakti aspects in a person's spiritual essence then merge, creating balance. As Kundalini energy reaches each chakra, each "lotus" opens and lifts its flower.

    As soon as she leaves for a higher chakra, the lotus closes its petals and hangs down, symbolizing the activation of the energies of the chakra and their integration to the kundalini. There are volumes that can be, and have been, written about the chakras.

    In ThetaHealing there are exercises to open and use these intuitive energy centers. In the theta technique, the person draws the energy from the center of the earth and ignites each chakra as the energy flows up the body to the crown chakra.

    As the consciousness goes out the crown chakra the person is balanced with the kundalini energy, and the consciousness can then go up to Creator as a balanced spiritual essence.

    This is further explained in Chapter Six. The Theta State of mind is obtained when you send out your consciousness to connect to the Creator through the crown chakra. The command is made to your unconscious mind and Creator for specific purposes, such as when you are doing readings and healings.

    Although all chakras and energy centers are used in readings, it is the crown chakra that is the most prevalent in Thetahealing, being the "gateway" to the Creator's truth.

    When we consider truth, the concept ofJree agency opens our potential to use our inherent abilities, but also to co-create with the Creator of All That Is. Free Agency, Co-Creation and the Witness The concept of freedom as it relates to meditation and prayer for the individual is important to consider. Free Will and Free Agency are beliefs that humans have the power to make their own choices. The spiritual connotations of free agency give the individual the self-authority to connect to what they perceive as God or the Creator.

    In ThetaHealing, we have the Free Agency to connect to the inner and outer aspects of the Divine within ourselves to that which is outside ourselves. Weare given the tools of morals and respect for others, but the Creator loves us enough to allow us our own opportunities to experience the joy of life without interference or judgment.

    As we move through this existence we are given opportunities to create some of our own pathways to find our way. Our existence here could be perceived as a beautiful learning experiance of physical, mental and spiritual exploration. It is through the gift of Co-Creation or synergy with God that it is possible to bring the Creator into our reality to heal others and ourselves.

    We unite with the Creator and become the witness. When we co-create we are in Theta-State. In a deep Theta-Wave 18 we open doorways to form healings, readings, and manifestations. It is therefore necessary for us to witness the healing energy of the Creator until the full process has finished. Nothing happens in nature without it being "seen" or "witnessed. When it becomes a "vision," it is accepted as real to us as well as to the Creator.

    This is why developing visualization skills are so important. Visualization: Becoming the Witness Everyone visualizes. However, some people think that this means that they see the visualization behind their eyelids. This is incorrect. The place that the visualization is seen is the same place that we envision our memories.

    Some people call this "feeling". A person might say, "I feel you have a spot on your liver". This is a form of visualization and the person will do well developing this process. People often get mixed up with what is "feeling" and what is seeing. If you feel a color is green, then you are visualizing it. Visualization is an action that we carry out every minute of every day.

    Ninety percent of the brain's sensory input is visual, and at least half of the stored memory is visual as well. We plan and conduct our life according to the imagery in our minds eye. We visualize constantly, whether we are aware of it or not. This activity has a very important place in the life of everyone.

    When you set out to go to a destination, whether it is familiar or not, your mind pictures the place and the route to get there. Before going to a place you have not been before, you plan your way beforehand. You use your imagination. You use your ability to visualize. You visualize the road, the streets you have to pass through, and even the traffic lights.

    Finding Your Soul Mate with ThetaHealing® by Vianna Stibal

    If someone were to ask you how to get to a destination, you would describe the way, while at the same time you see the route in your imagination. Imagination ignites creation.

    When you decide to mow the lawn, cook dinner, download a new dress, clean your home, tell a joke, or describe a movie, imagination and visualization are at work. The eye of the mind is constantly in motion. Let's take daydreams for example. We imagine scenarios and actions in the movie of the mind.

    At the moment we daydream, the daydream becomes real to us. If we repeat the same daydream over a period of time it becomes a habit. We may even start to believe it and accept it as a reality, especially when strong emotions are involved. I tried following her instructions to heal without success, however. Getting into the "Theta State" is not easy. I believe it can be done with practice and good direction.

    Read Book ThetaHealing PDF books

    The basic theory behind this method is to ask "The Creator of All That Is" to heal something followed by you witnessing the event. Both are equally important parts in the process. There are many important things to consider when healing. The sam This book is really fascinating. The same logical theory applies to Theta Healing. Example: if someone has liposuction and then every day eats ice cream until their belly aches they will be back in the same situation.

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